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Brand Voice Inspiration [INFOGRAPHIC]

Updated: May 15

Your brand voice is a consistent expression of your company's personality, values, mission and culture through various communication channels. Just like individuals have distinct voices, a company brand should also have a clear voice that is authentic to the brand. Though your brand tone can change depending on the demographic you are targeting, your brand voice is a fundamental element of your company brand.

To define your brand voice, you have to understand the mission, values and culture of your company and also of the industry you're operating in. Your voice must resonate with your audience while differentiating yourself from competitors. Whichever voice you choose, it's important to be consistent across all marketing channels. From the website to social media, your audience should feel it's the same "person" talking. P.S. it's okay to add more facets to your brand voice as your company grows and product lines expand.

In the flexographic industry, consider the values and relatable preferences of your audience (i.e., technical conversations, data, negotiation/debates, machines, packaging design, family and leisure sports). By understanding and incorporating your company's and industry's values into your brand strategy, you can reach your audience on a more intimate level.

Here's some common brand voices we've found successful for our ACE Media Clients. Take a look and contact the ACE team for all your brand strategy and marketing needs.


ACE Brand Voice Inspiration 2024
Download PDF • 1.05MB

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